Pattern Review: Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater

Dive Into Dolmans


It’s now week 4 of the Dive into Dolman’s Tour and I am back with my second creation. Its a pattern by Seamingly Smitten. I haven’t made any of their patterns before and a part of me wished I’d just made a couple of their Dolmans in order to compare them. There is a website, a blog and an active Facebook Page (I’ll be following that in future). What appealed to me about this pattern is that it is designed for heavier knits, and it has an asymmetrical neckline. I live in the chilly mountain climes , and despite writing this while in the California Desert (don’t start me off about the heat!), I live in cool weather clothing most of the year. Or at least it feels that way! I’m also partial to a top that finishes below elbow and as such, was attracted to the modelled photos. 13076711_10207828013793125_5140605154639820867_n

Like my previous pattern choice this one called for a fabric with good drape. I chose a sumptuous purple medium weight cotton polyester lycra knit fabric. It washes wonderfully and feels so soft; like wearing a light blanket. One thing to remember is that the neckline is slightly lower at the front than the back. Don’t be a dufus like me and wear it backwards several times, wondering why the heck it wasn’t comfortable and didn’t sit right at all! I have recently ordered labels and when they arrive I will sew one in to remind me which side goes to the back of my neck! I’m also improving making tops that drape well for my hourglass figure, and this one is more flattering than its boxy shape led me to believe.

I really liked how the asymmetrical neck is created. It is a bit quirky, just like me! I found the sleeves to be quite wide. I think they’ll either be a cooling agent in the warmth or encourage drafts. Either way, they took a bit of getting used to. I think if I followed the pattern line to extend them to wrist length (not a pattern option, but not a difficult hack), they would narrow nicely. A narrow cuff would then finish the sleeve off. It’s in my notebook for when I make it again. I cheated a bit and used my trusty knit tape to create the hems. It gives a lovely finish and (if I could be bothered) would look great with a twin needle hem stitch.

That said, the pattern has clear instruction with visual aids. Its an easy pattern to make and is wonderfully comfortable. It is also currently on for 50% off, so hop on over and grab it while you can!

Note: Seamingly Smitten kindly gave me the pattern for this blog tour – but they haven’t a clue what I made or what my review states. I thank them for their faith in me! 

Underneath is a link to all the bloggers and their blog posts. The table that follows has information on each pattern on the tour. I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as we enjoy writing!

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Guest Blogger: Sew Far North – Seamingly Smitten Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater


Sizes  XS – 3XL (0-26)
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version  Printable at home
Skill Level  Beginner
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces  Yes
Line Drawings  No, just photos (but good ones)
Size made  XL
Options chosen  Cut to the tall hem length
Fabric Requirement for your size  2 yards
Measurement Chart  Yes
Cutting Instructions  Yes
Pattern Printing Layout  Yes
Cutting Layout  Yes
Suggested Fabrics  Medium to heavy  weight knit, sweater knit, ponte, or similar
Layer Printing Option  No
Neck Line Options  No
Sleeve Options  No
Hem Options  No
Color Blocking  Collar binding only (could do collar tho)
Seam Allowance  3/8″
Hem Allowance  1″
Separate add-on pack  No
Fit  Pretty Good
Easy to read instructions  Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions  Photographs

18 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater

  1. I just love that purple. Both for myself and on you. And don’t feel bad. You’re not the first person that put their shirt on backwards. 😉 Sometimes not even tags help. 😀


  2. my favorite color! I can never get enough of it. I like that neckline. It is interesting and unique (and yeah, California is a beast right now, but the desert… From a longggggg time desert rat, so not fun)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I love your Dolman and how you used the hem tape for the sleeve hems! What a great trick that speeds things up! I am so glad you tried one of my patterns! This top looks great on you and that color is fabulous!!
    Jenny Hall
    Seamingly Smitten owner/designer

    Liked by 1 person

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