Dolman Pattern Review: The Easy Breezy Summer Tee

Dive Into DolmansFor my last stop along the Dolman Tour I chose a  Nap Time Creations pattern because of the company’s name. After all, anything that can be made during nap time has to be fast and easy, right? I’m also off on vacation soon and the thought of an ‘Easy Breezy Summer Tee‘ was right up my street. The pattern doesn’t have options but is reasonably priced; there are also several free patterns in her shop and on the website. The designer, Emily, states it’s meant to be loose and worn over a camisole, and can be made with a woven or knit fabric. I have a loosely woven gauzy fabric that has sat in my stash for years and it called my name asking to be sewn up before it rotted away. It’s light enough to allow me to tan, but it will filter enough rays to prevent sun burn.

True to my thoughts the pattern was pretty fast to make. I did lengthen it by 2″ and I sized down to a large. I had a bit of a blonde moment and cut the front as a U, rather than a V. It still looks pretty though. I like the finishing details of binding the neck seams and attaching a sleeve cuff. It’s the difference between a hastily sewn garment and a more professional finish.

Even making this in a woven fabric and sizing down, it’s still large. If you want something  more fitted I’d advise making a muslin or measuring the pattern pieces to ensure you get the size you want; especially if making this in a knit! It does have a place in my summer wardrobe though; It’s ideal for wearing with capri pants in the heat. I fish and swim, and having an airy cover-up to protect me from burning is hugely important.

Lastly, many thanks to Nap Time Creations for donating the pattern. I truly appreciate it! 

Here’s the info sheet:

Sizes  XXS – XXl (30” – 50” chest)
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version  Printable only
Skill Level  Easy
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces  Neck band
Line Drawings  No
Size made  Large
Options chosen  No options
Fabric Requirement for your size  1.5 yards
Measurement Chart  Yes
Cutting Instructions  Yes
Pattern Printing Layout  Yes
Cutting Layout  No
Suggested Fabrics  Woven with good drape OR knit
Layer Printing Option  No
Neck Line Options  No
Sleeve Options  No
Hem Options  No
Color Blocking  No
Seam Allowance  3/8”
Hem Allowance  ¾”
Separate add-on pack  No
Fit  Very loose
Easy to read instructions  Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions  Clear photographs

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