Dolman Pattern Review: EYMM Asymmetrical Drape Top

Dive Into DolmansIts Dolman time and I am part of a five week blog tour on Dolman tops, and how they work (or not) on different body shapes. I am a child of the 70’s and yes, in the 80’s I wore those big Dolman sweaters. To suddenly step outside my comfort zone and make a pattern I never felt very comfortable in to begin with was, well, a bit unsettling. As such I turned to EYMM’s Asymmetrical Drape Top for my first pattern. I must admit that the point of this tour is to work out  whether different patterns suit our body shapes, and if not, what we can do about it. My body shape is pretty much hour glass. There is 2″ difference between my full bust and my hips. I seem to be working my way towards an apple shape, but I am trying not to as I like myself this way. I feel that women with hourglass figures generally have flatter stomachs. It might be an optical illusion from the waist to hip curve, but that’s my thought anyway.

But onto the pattern! Like all EYMM patterns this top printed and was put together easily. I’m obviously improving in the whole print ‘n’ stick process! I chose this particular pattern as I like EYMM patterns generally, and I liked the modelled view. I don’t like round necklines or boxy shapes, as I feel the round necklines do nothing for my larger bust, and  boxy shapes make me look like a Sherman tank: I avoid both if I can! Interestingly, Essence, another blogger, is pretty much the same shape and loves Dolmans for their hide-all capacity. Her reviews can be found in the permalink section at the bottom.

The pattern is just two pieces and has two views; I made view A. In retrospect I should have made view B as it is a bit more shaped. I chose a lightweight polyester knit with good drape. EYMM has a section in the pattern on how to check the fabric drape: it’s really useful.
This top is asymmetrical and can be worn pulled down as a tunic to showcase the hemline, or pulled up to sit wherever you like. Sadly, the photos don’t do justice to the fantastic drape on the right side. I tend to wear leggings and I like coverage to my thighs. As a wise woman once said: “if you are wearing leggings or tights then cover your tail”. With jeans I can wear it higher on the hips; that’s the beauty of having a fabric that drapes well! I added 2″ to the overall length, and had intended adding the hip band. I found the top to be long enough for my 5’8″ frame, without the band. Unless your torso is 2″ longer than normal you could pass on adding any extra length.
It took me a while to like the neckline, after all Dolmans are well out of my comfort zone. When I make it again I’d like to include a back lace panel and make the front neckline scooped or with a V, as these lines accentuate and flatter a larger bust.
This is an ideal top for those days when I want to cover it all up though.
All the Dolman reviews contain the following information, allowing the readers to compare the patterns.
Note: EYMM donated the pattern for the tour. Thank you! The sewing is all my own work. My opinions and the review are entirely my own. 
Sizes XS – 5X
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version Pattern pages
Skill Level Beginner
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces Yes, for optional hip band
Line Drawings Yes
Size made XL
Options chosen A
Fabric Requirement for your size 1.5
Measurement Chart Yes
Cutting Instructions Yes
Pattern Printing Layout Yes
Cutting Layout Yes
Suggested Fabrics Knitted fabric with minimum 30% stretch and good drape
Layer Printing Option No
Neck Line Options No
Sleeve Options No
Hem Options Yes, optional hip band
Color Blocking No
Seam Allowance 3/8″
Hem Allowance 1/2″
Separate add-on pack No
Fit Pretty good. Long.
Easy to read instructions Absolutely!
Drawing or photograph instructions Both

17 thoughts on “Dolman Pattern Review: EYMM Asymmetrical Drape Top

  1. It’s funny how we perceive our own bodies because I think this is really flattering on you! I especially like it at the hip level paired with jeans 🙂


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