Crossing into Spring with La Croix

Seasons change rapidly where I live and it is useful to have layering and versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Welcome into your wardrobe La Croix Cross back (or front) top from Winter Wear Designs.  It’s a pretty top and it’s options include two lengths, sleeveless or varying sleeve lengths, and the opportunity to wear it frontwards or backwards. That all makes it a multi season pattern, meaning there are no complaints from me!


The top has been around for a while but Suzanne Winter, the designer of Winter Wear Designs has revamped it. I like her new format of simple visual explanations. It makes the information visible at a glance for those times when internet access is spotty.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 20.06.51

I like to play with patterns and this one was no exception. Except I cocked up a few times and, as such, had to delay my post publication date. Oops! Its just as well Suzanne is fond of me – I think! Here come my comedy of errors. Take a seat and learn, or is that laugh

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 21.06.10

You’d think I’d know better not to mix knit fabric types and weights – yup, well, what can I say? I chose a soft drapy dusky rose knitted cotton with amazing stretch from Sincerely Rylee fabrics. I paired it with some amazing geometric cotton lycra from Whimsical Fabrics.  The dusky rose picked out the pale grey triangles, so I decided to take a risk – much to my chagrin. Unfortunately the stretch was different, meaning I had a very visible pleat in the rose fabric despite having cut the two fabrics for the cross over together. I ended up adding 5″ to the cotton lycra! I should have used similar fabrics for the contrast. To say the stretch was quite a lot less is an understatement. I’d intended the geometric fabric to be in front, but am so glad I mistakenly put it behind – or you’d be able to see the seam where I added to it.

Still with me? I also decided the neckline was too low and added a wide seam. Not such a bad idea except it was with a curved neck. I also cut the pattern with the neck band and didn’t realize until I was sewing it together … ho hum … more creative sewing to the rescue. I will spare you the rest of my shenanigans but the end result is a very comfortable and flattering top. I think it is hugely versatile and I’d like more. Perhaps I will pay more attention next time and not have to make quite so many corrections?

Follow this link for the opportunity to win $20 of lovely fabric from Simply by Ti, and two of Winter Wear Designs patterns. I love Ti’s fabrics; I’d spend a lot more if I lived States side!

The more demure side
Lovely drape
IMG_3251 2
Super comfy

Disclaimer – A considerable amount of wine was consumed while creating this top. It might be why it took me so long. I am taking the 5th on that one.

I was given the pattern. If I didn’t have it my participation would have been even more sketchy, to say the least. I’d like to publicly thank Suzanne Winter for her tolerance and support – and lovely patterns.

Do have a read of what the other bloggers made. I am sure they were better behaved than me. Not difficult I hear you say! The La Croix pattern is on sale for US$6 until the end of the week – so if you want it you had best get cracking and snap it up.

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope to back soon!