Turn into Fall …

I’m not too fond of fall, or autumn as we call it in England. Fall in the mountains is winter’s precursor. Winter in itself is fine. It’s full of snow and freshly fallen snow always makes me smile. When I was asked to join this tour I thought “yay, warmer clothing with a bit of flair”. I feel I live in leggings, sweaters and thermals from October to April. There has to be another option, doesn’t there? And there is …

Stylish Fabrics kindly donated fabric for this blog tour. The fabric arrived quickly and their prices are reasonable; as a Canadian I shall be buying more, as and when the exchange rate allows! I chose a vibrant turquoise ITY stretch jersey knit fabric because it looked pretty, but didn’t have a clue what it was. Here is a link to the fabric. I loved the colour and had planned to make EYMM’s Off the Shoulder Dress. When it arrived it was clear that the fabric wasn’t going to be anywhere heavy enough. Fortunately I have a lovely Vogue pattern and it cried out from the pattern box to be allowed to be made up.

I loved the pattern instructions and that the fabric looks so fab. I’d not made a cowl neck before but the ITY knit drapes beautifully. I also made the top shorter as had decided to make a maxi skirt to wear with it. I have a heavy almost-knit; as in a knit with minimal stretch. I hacked Muffin Head Patterns Tracie Skirt with EYMM’s Capsule Skirt and aimed for a trumpet look. It almost worked. I’m taller and need more than 2m of fabric to make a maxi skirt, so added a band and crocheted lace. The lace then caught on my crutches! I feel the hem needs some horsehair braid to help it stand out, but that will have to wait. I almost cut the skirt back to straight but decided I could use all the warm air under it when the colder weather arrives. I am thrilled with the result. Oh yes, it has pockets!

I also can’t resist the chance to showcase how another pattern transitions from summer to fall. I tested Muffin Head Patterns Shelley Wrap Skirt in early summer. One I made from chiffon and the other from quilting cotton. They are both fully lined with a fine cotton.

The chiffon one feels like wearing, well, not a lot. It is as light as air and cool in the heat of the day. The cotton one is a real autumnal weight skirt, and heavy enough to keep the wrap skirt in place when the wind blows. I love how placing pockets has made almost a tulip effect on my fabric.


Thanks for stopping by. My views are my own. Wonderful Rachel took some stellar photos.  The patterns I owned, and as I already said, Stylish Fabrics donated the fabric. Fabric was hurt in the cause of this blog tour, but it didn’t mind after it metamorphosed into beautiful creations. 

This blog tour has been sponsored by lots of different wonderful businesses. The fabric, the prizes, the support. Do follow the links to look at the other creations, then enter the giveaway! It’s pretty impressive so have a go – especially as I can’t! 

August 1st

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August 2nd

Gray all Day

August 3rd

Wild and Wanderful and The Sara Project

August 4th

Doodle Number 5 and Sweet Red Poppy

August 5th

Paisley Roots and Dos Natural Sistas and My Crafty Little Self

August 8th

Made By Melli and Sew Far North

August 9th

Sew Sophie Lynn and Creative Counselor

August 10th

Frivolous at Last and EYMM

August 11th

Lulu and Celeste and Sprouting Jubejube

August 12th

Adventures with Bubba and Bug and All Things Katy and Sewing by Ti

To enter the giveaway click on this link! Good Luck!!



16 thoughts on “Turn into Fall …

  1. I love how you managed to hide your boot with a maxi skirt. Who says having to wear a therapeutic boot means you can’t still be stylish. The blue from the shirt is just the right color for you!

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