Wrapping myself in Loveliness

I have recently started sewing Muffin Head Patterns. I mean, who doesn’t smile at that name? The patterns are well thought out and while not beginner patterns they come with clear instruction, and the owner, Frances, is responsive to queries and very helpful. Muffin Head has a website, an active FaceBook group with access to the testers group, an Etsy shop and Pinterest.

The latest Muffin Head Pattern to be released is the Tracie Skirt. It’s a simple pull on elastic waisted skirt with optional inseam pockets and lining. It can be made in either knee or ankle length; and the longer length has a flared hem, which allows me to walk at more than a hobble. I’ve been looking for a neat, simple skirt for a while now so was pleased to make the cut as part of the tester panel.

The pattern fits well if you follow the instructions! It’s a waisted skirt, which is a bit new for me, as I tend to wear low waisted / hip level skirts. It took a little getting used to but is very comfortable. Siting higher at my waist means it doesn’t dig into the ‘fluffy’ bits either. Anyway I digress … To get a great fitting skirt when you make yours, fit the pattern to your hips first! The well defined hip curve means the skirt doesn’t need a lot of elastication – is that a word? You then  adjust the waist size depending on how much fabric you need to get it over your hips. I sew slowly and it took me 2 hours to make my grey needlecord knee length skirt from cutting the fabric to sliding it on the body. I was very impressed with myself! Of course the well written instructions, good visual aids and overall design has something to do with it as well. The Tracie Skirt is available from The Muffin Head Etsy Shop for US $7.50. I’m a real bargain hunter but think its well priced considering the options and versatility offered.

It was also my first opportunity to sew one of my new labels in my skirt. I love that I now can label my clothing with more than a wish and a smile.

For this new release Muffin Head Patterns has teamed up with Rachel Rossi Designs to feature one of Rachel’s designs; The Squared Fashion Wrap. I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to make the wrap as well, and to be honest I jumped at it! After all, who doesn’t love a wrap and this one has some neat finishing touches that take it a level above the usual wrap and scarf patterns. Those features include mitred corners, a neat neck template for comfort and a separate front facing. As such I think its well worth the US $6 price tag. Rachel has a FaceBook Group, and a good website with blog and pattern links and Pinterest.

I have some lovely sari like fabric. It’s been sitting in the drawer for ages but it yelled out to me that I ought to have enough to make a long skirt and a wrap.  Well, there was enough to make the skirt but the wrap is shorter than the instructions called for. Not that I let that put me off. It is the perfect layering piece in its current length for a balmy Vancouver day. To add a little extra length I inserted a section of the skirt fabric over the shoulders. It isn’t hugely visible but it does add a little extra weight to hold the gauzy fabric in place. I had fun with my daughter-in-law taking photos in the local park’s rose garden. I can see me making several of these wraps. One in fleece for the lake, perhaps a huge one to snuggle up in with Himself, and a selection of them to go with each and every evening dress I create from now on! I think it could be made in a lightweight terry towelling as well to wear when getting out of the lake.

With these two items in my Pattern Stash the sky and my imagination really is the limit.

Here are the links to other posts. Read, share and enjoy!

Muffin Head’s designer, Frances Twining’s blog post is here.

Marie-Eve’s FaceBook page is here at Creations Miss M 

Once again I have to thank both Muffin Head Patterns for the opportunity to test the Tracie Skirt and Rachel Rossi Designs for donating the Squared Fashion Wrap Pattern. This written content holds my own opinions. The photography is courtesy of my delightful daughter-in-law, Rachel, and my husband Andy, AKA Himself. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come again soon.

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