Easter Treats aren’t just Chocolate!

It’s hard to be excited about pretty Easter dresses when you live on a ski hill. Added to which it’s an El Nino winter, which means mild (for us) temperatures and buckets of snow. Heck, It’s been snowing for 10 hours today! As the spring flowers aren’t poking through the snow yet I thought I’d make a dress that has been on my mind for a while. Its pretty, I like the style and, it might just cover the end of winter extra weight that has become far too attached to me.

I bought George & Ginger’s ‘Ginger Dress‘ a while ago, but like most things, hadn’t got round to printing it off, let alone sewing it up. The pattern is sized from XXS – 2X, and drafted for a woman of 5’6″ height. It has a layers option, allowing just the sizes you need to be printed off. Another attraction is that it’s available in A0 format, so my trusty printer did the hard work for me. Bargain! After I printed it off it sat in the patterns bucket until this Blog Tour came along, when it jumped up pleading to be made.

Somehow, hitting 50 years old has affected my waistline; it went on vacation and hasn’t returned. Ho Hum …  So, I thought, why not make a flowy, swingy dress and pretend I am five years old again. I chose a bright knit fabric to cheer me through the last of winter with a contrasting knit trim. The dress is a proper handkerchief dress and takes a lot of fabric, but as the L’Oreal advert keeps reminding me I’m worth it. There is also a child’s version, called the Ginger Snap. Cute, eh?

George & Ginger Pattern Co. has an active FaceBook page and an Etsy Shop. The patterns cater to womanly shapes. Don’t get me wrong, they look good on women of all shapes and sizes but their clothes do flow nicely over womanly figures … all of them … especially mine!

On the FaceBook page a wonderful woman had altered the dress to fit closer at the bust, resulting in less volume. I followed her principle by measuring down an extra 3″before swinging out to meet the pattern piece, meaning my dress is semi fitted almost to the empire line before all that volume starts. The end result gives a bit more shape and is flattering. Having looked at several photos on the FaceBook page I also added 6″ to the dress length (above the trim). I wanted the option to wear the dress on our warm spring days without leggings or tights and somehow wearing a knitted dress that finished above my knees just wasn’t working for me. I have worn it in town, where the temperature can be up to 10℃ warmer and my extra length works well for me.

I like the fact that it swings and flows nicely. I think it runs a little large but this kind of dress is meant to flow over the body, not cling to it. On those ‘not so confident body days’ it seems to smooth and hide the unwanted lumpy, bumpy bits. Overall I recommend the pattern, and look forward to making the tunic length. Lastly, while the weather prevented good photo opportunities, this dress allows me to twirl away to my hearts content. I love that I can swing in it; it will be great to dance and shake my booty in.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains my opinions and I used my own pattern. No reimbursement has been made for featuring the Ginger Dress in my blog. 

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