Not Just For Your Kitchen Sink! The Rag Apron

Hello Peeps! It’s another date with A Vision To Remember (AVTR) this week. Following on from the recent rag-quilt baby car seat cover, I have a raggedy apron to review.

I must admit to being a bit perplexed about a rag apron. After all, rag quilts are several layers thick depending on the end fraying effect you want. Thats a lot of fabric! I’m a post menopausal cook, so I’m hot in the kitchen anyway. I couldn’t imagine 3, 4 or 5 layers of fabric. But 2? Now that had potential. Especially as I live on a ski hill. We have tons of snow, yet still manage to BBQ in winter. Plus, I can see me taking this to the lake to BBQ. Perhaps there is room for a warm apron in the kitchen?

My plan decided I looked at the pattern. The drawing at the end is very useful and gave me the idea to make the apron a scrap buster. After all, why not make a scrappy apron? With the right flannel backing (more scraps), the fraying effect could be most pleasing. I like using scraps. They bring so many memories of previous projects, favoured articles of clothing and fabrics I love. The smaller pieces of fabric were bequeathed from a dearly departed quilting friend. I decided to use lace from a thrift store as the ruffle. The large squares are the remains of a ‘layer cake’ I used to make my mum’s 75th queen bed quilt. The whimsy in me decided that the pea pods fitted in, though I nearly broke out all the fruit and veggie fabric when I saw how good it looked.

All the pretty things

If you want a fairly quick project and are tired and grouchy, make this one. As the designer states, it is very forgiving as long (as you don’t snip through all the stitching). There were a few glitches, but credit to Bobbie the designer , who reviewed and tweaked her pattern before we started the tour. That did impress me.

The pattern came together easily and sewing it together was rewarding. I have a lovely 1970s Kenmore called Evelyn. She is solid and I use her to sew my heavier fabrics. With a size 16 needle she easily sewed through these many layers. I decided to use my ruffled eyelet lace as a ruffle, as I have so much of it! As such, I cut the scalloped bottom 9″ deep instead of 5″ and just sewed the ruffle to the top. I also measured the neck band and made mine 25″ long instead of 18″. When I came to pin it in place I measured it and re-pinned to a size that went over my head easily; it ended up being 22″ long. The back is made from a lovely green flannel. Yes, it was meant for a baby quilt, but now it can snuggle me. I added a couple of pieces of random beige in as a bit of a highlight.

Soft and gentle colours

I’m really pleased with the end result. I did intend taking photos by the BBQ, but we had over 6″ of snow today.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my apron. If you’d like to check out some of the other creations here are their blog links:
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Disclaimer: To be able to make this item I was given the pattern. My views are my own, and not influenced by anyone. I hope you enjoyed the read!  


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