My 21 Day Fix …

I’m fed up being on Prednisone permanently. A lot of people take it, and it is a life saving drug. The problem is that it has some nasty side effects. For me that includes weight gain and turning into 51% Bitch 49% sweetheart, instead of the other way round! I also have worked out over the years that when I am unwell I don’t want to move, exercise, or cook healthy tasty food. The steroids affect taste in my mouth (actually it feels pretty foul in there most of the time), so I’m craving stronger tastes and salt. Continual steroid use has resulted in poor adrenal function meaning I crave sugar. I can eat a perfectly good meal then patrol the kitchen searching for something sweet; the sicklier the better. Will power is needed! As a fish, seafood and sheep’s cheese eating vegan who is also Celiac and tree nut & peanut allergic I think I eat well. We don’t eat a lot of processed foods due to contaminants and ingredients, Himself is on a low cholesterol diet, so little fats are consumed. I know my diet needs tweaking to ensure I have enough protein in it, and have been told I probably don’t eat enough. I am though, a dreadful snacker; especially when bored or feeling crappy.

I usually follow Dr Joel Fuhrmann’s Eat to Live eating plan. With all my food allergies and gut problems his philosophy of ‘eat 2 lbs of veggies a day’ works for me. That said, without resorting to complete veganism it’s hard to follow, and I struggle with the 1 lb of uncooked vegetables in winter and when I don’t feel good. A TV informercial led me to 21 Day Fix. I must have been taking some painkillers at the time because, unlike my usual Piscean attitude of ‘think it out again … and again’ I went on line and ordered the kit. I then wondered what the heck I was doing? Could I, as a chronically unwell woman with a recent broken ankle and significant health issues actually commit to a workout programme and follow an eating programme for 21 days?  I guess there is only one way to find out.

Through one of my FaceBook sewing groups I discovered that an e-acquaintance is a 21 Day Fix coach. Ha Ha! I now have a coach and I am accountable.  The coach is a freebie designed I think to encourage you to stick with it and possibly buy their supplements and products. That said, she checked the allergen information on supplements and told me to keep well clear of them. She also informed me that the workouts all can be modified for those less able. Double bonus! It looks like my excuses are being pulled from under me.

Did I say I haven’t told my husband yet?

The box arrived yesterday .. I hid it under the coffee table. Not a great start. I’m also struggling with a flare up of something not yet diagnosed and taking strong painkillers … I used to exercise lots though and know that the more natural endorphins I produce, the higher my pain tolerance is and therefore the less analgesics I require. Plus, vegetables and fibre are good as they help with the side effects of codeine.

Day 1: I couldn’t eat all the food. Im certainly not used to eating all that protein. Himself came home and I told him. his response ” Cool! What can I do?” I do love that man. Meanwhile by 8pm I am feeling very very full of food still, despite not overeating. I do miss my evening cup of cocoa though. Now to think about tomorrow’s food …

4 thoughts on “My 21 Day Fix …

  1. How did this go for you? I got it this summer. I enjoy the workouts but the food plan was too rigid for me so back to weight watchers for me.


    1. With my allergies I am struggling with the eating plan. Mainly because I eat carbs ad veggies. Part of this is to make me eat more protein.I have good support in my coach though.


      1. Tree nuts are much easier to avoid than all (tree and peanut). I tend to swap out the nuts with seeds or look for other alternatives.
        I have tried the Sun Butter type spreads to use as snack food. To be his net it’s not a nut heavy programme.


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