February Loving in Jocole

Who doesn’t love Jocole? After all, the patterns are really well written, explained and have loads of visual images. For this Blog Tour I thought I’d buy some lovely red knit and make myself an outfit or two in honour of Valentine’s Day. Then life happened … somewhat big time. The only part that really matters is that I lost the pattern that I was to make up … Well, it’s still lurking in my laptop, but the printer printed off another pattern altogether. Honestly it wasn’t me! I tend to have the larger patterns printed off on A0 at the printers, and I print and paste together the smaller ones. My printer said they are the best patterns he has printed, but he had to use his plotter, which resulted in a mighty fine pattern at a premium price.

But before we get to sewing, let’s look at Jocole patterns and Jocole generally. I like that the patterns contain a link to ‘Knits 101 – Everything you need to know about sewing with knits’.  The patterns all have a little stretch guide and instructions on how to calculate the stretch needed to make the garment. I found the information washing and drying fabrics very useful. I rarely use a dryer, but I also didn’t realize that knit fabric shrinks so much. The patterns are a mix of woven and knit fabric; more knitted than woven I think. I first made the Ladies’ Cross Over Tunic as a dress last year. I then participated in the Ladies’ Skinny Pants sew-a-long, and it motivated me enough to finish them.

IMG_1374 (1)
Loving my Cross Over Dress

The website has a 50% off day each Wednesday. The discounted pattern changes each week, and is worth watching to build your wardrobe. There is also a ‘sewing school’ tab, which gives a good refresher on how to measure yourself and that trusty knit guide. The FaceBook page has over 4000 members, and is a very supportive environment.

I finally decided to print off all the Jocole patterns I own, then chose and made up the Ladies Classic  Knit Tee.  The pattern size ranges from an XS – XXXL, and has a myriad of options. I chose to make the regular hip length with a scoop neckline and long sleeves. I have made the cross over tunic and skinny pants before so thought I’d add a little length and see how it went. The fabric I chose was a little sheer for winter but matched the pattern instructions for a lightweight knit with 75% stretch – and my skinny pants! I added 1″ to the body, and cut the mid-hand, long sleeves to the next size up cutting length. They finished right where I wanted them too at the ball of my thumb. I also have an aversion to making my own knit binding, so bought a wonderful product at the local fabric store. It’s a 90% cotton: 10% lycra binding. Yes, it was white but I thought I’d give it a try. The one I purchased was only 1.16″ wide, and the pattern called for 2″ neck binding. A little creative hemming resulted in a pleasing result, so I returned to buy a wider width in black and white to use in future projects.

Like most people I am enamoured by a lot of the patterns that appear on the internet, in the sewing store and in magazines. I’ve made my fair share of illegible, non-understandable and frankly, ‘I’m not sure how this ever got to press’ patterns. When I make something from Jocole (and a few others, it must be said), I do a little head shake and say to myself “C’mon now, just stick with the good ones’. It’s harder than it looks though as buying patterns is like buying fabric. It can be irresistible on the spur of the moment. On a final note I plan to make most if not all of the Jocole patterns I own this year. They’re a good investment, fit wonderfully and flatter my figure no end. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do.

Note: While I did receive a pattern of my choice to sew, it is somewhere in the internet ether. The views expressed are my own. I write and sew for pleasure. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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