Patricia, Oh Patricia and Other Stories!

Who can fail to love a pattern when it bears their name? I know, it’s a bit narcissistic, but hey, I’m not complaining. I’ve been sewing SisBoom & Scientific Seamstress patterns since 2014, and they were the first PDF patterns I bought. My wardrobe seems to have quite a lot of them, and they are worn in all seasons. Why, you might ask, do I keep making the same patterns? Well, these ones are very well thought out. They have brilliant written and visual instruction. As a hater of printing and taping the PDF patterns together I preserve my patterns by printing them off and rolling them up for next time. If I want to make something new I am more inclined to go with something that works. I also make mock-ups or muslins for fitted patterns. Mine are usually made in white cotton. I scrawl all over them in red ink with changes and the date I made that change. The muslin is folded in the drawer for future use as well. Sad, but true. There’s an active FaceBook group, SisBoom Pattern Company Etsy shop, and the website has a well written blog. With lots of support and action on the FaceBook page, something is always going on. Follow them to know when the latest sale, new release, or pattern test is coming. Here’s a round up of some of my patterns … Enjoy!

*****NOTE: My opinions are my own. I did not profit from this blog except by being happy to share my love of sewing! You can probably tell that by my fun, non-professional photos***** 

My first sew was Devon, the loose flowy top. I added a bit of shape for daywear but have a lovely gingham one for summer or nightwear. Judy Fancy Pants came along – twice! I have a hippy pair (not shown) and my corduroy Bootcut pair.

Not every style fits every shape despite the efforts to be all inclusive. I wasn’t a fan of Shana. It’s still in my wardrobe, but despite modifying it I don’t wear it. Maybe its time to recut it into a Tortola. I love that little top! I’ve only made it once but there will be more!I don’t feel the Easy Fits are as flattering either. That said, I made them for my friend, who loves the fit once she identified her ‘front’.

Patricia is my favourite pattern, being so versatile and flattering. Her latest reincarnation was for Christmas in flannel. The flannel had been earmarked for christmas cushion covers but it feels lovely on me instead. Plus, it feels like I am out in my pyjamas. My husband loves the flannel as its easy to iron.

Looking in my closet I see I have sewn up a storm of Meghans, and here are a couple. I love me a peasant dress and Meghan gets hacked depending on my whim. The beauty of these patterns is they cater to all heights, widths, and booty or boobylicious. I’m still coming to grips with Angie though: she and I need to get intimate in the fitting front.

Jamie is my new love. I made her twice last year, one floor length and one tea length. I changed the skirt for an A line, which again is more flattering to my shape. I’d love to change the bodice to allow for some shoulder coverage … maybe one day?

So come join in the fun and get your SisBoom / Scientific Seamstress on! I don’t think you’ll regret it, though you might regret the amount of patterns you buy

6 thoughts on “Patricia, Oh Patricia and Other Stories!

  1. Nice work! I love how you made the Patricia tunic into a dress. I appreciate your honest reviews. Shana, Angie, and the Judy fancy pants are actually the patterns that look best on me! Like you said, so much depends on your own proportions.

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    1. You are so right! What I appreciate is how supportive Jeanine Tomlinson is. I was so worried one time about saying Shana didn’t suit me when she said, “Not everything suits everyone”. It made me feel I could be honest and objective about the patterns without negating them.


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