Walking Round in Wondrous Winter Wear

I have been sewing Winter Wear Designs (WWD) clothing for about a year now. Suzanne Winter, the designer, was brave enough allow me to test her Real Deal Jeans. That was followed by the Ladies’ Button Up Shirt, then the Hepburn Henley. Now I am in testing again …Shhh, it’s a secret. Unlike Elsa, I’m not going to tell. You’ll just have to wait!

Before I started testing her patterns I bought the Aviator pants. Ho hum, no they’re still not made yet. In my defence I am waiting to find the perfect French Terry. Suzanne is a beautiful curvy lady and her patterns are designed for curvy ladies (think hourglass or pear). That said, the patterns also include how to make personal alterations to get your perfect fit. Win:Win! What I also find attractive is that the patterns don’t assume a whole load of knowledge. Don’t get me wrong; they’re not basic patterns (especially if you’re making jeans for the first time), but they do include a guide and some hand-holding; I’ll walk you through the tough bits kind of stuff. The FaceBook group is supportive and encouraging. Someone will always help you out if you’re stuck.

I now have a pair of Real Deal Jeans and a pair of Capri jeans.

My Button Up Shirt collection includes my long sleeved ‘wear to the rodeo’ shirt.  My lace button up dress, which is so comfortable and elegant. Not here are my Button-Up sleeveless sleep shirt (it was my muslin) and Parisian Nights Shorts: I made those from an old Egyptian cotton sheet, and they are so soft and comfy to wear.

Finally 3 Hepburn Henleys grace my wardrobe. The Henleys are closer cut in the sleeves as I wear them as base layers them through our snowy BC winters. My stuffed Moose “LL Cool Moose’ got on the Henley bandwagon as well!

I have to alter patterns whether they are paper patterns or PDFs. I’ll keep making WWD patterns because I like the fit, I have a bust which is accommodated, my curves are flattered, and there aren’t a lot of elasticated waists. As someone with a latex allergy all the elastic used in patterns to get an approximated fit can play havoc with allergies. Speaking from experience, a heck of a lot goes into testing these patterns. If in doubt about buying I suggest you watch out for her sales and coupons (there is a coupon at the bottom of this post), and join the FaceBook group. Lots of places stock her patterns but I’m an Etsy fan, so here is the link to the Etsy shop.

Enjoy some Wonderful Winter Wear sewing and be sure to follow along all week and check out the rest of our fabulous bloggers!

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1/23/16: Sharon from Sweet Pea & Pumkins & Fenna from Fabulous Home Sewn

Don’t forget to pick up your own copy of the patterns featured this week from Winter Wear Designs and save 20% off any purchase of $5 or more through the 25th of Jan with the code BLOGIT20!


Disclaimer: All the opinions here are my own. I was not paid to review Winter Wear Designs; yup, I even turned down a free pattern as I have too many to make up already!

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