Toasty in the Snow!

Ladies Ascent Fleece Pullover … by 5 Out Of 4 Patterns

5 out of 4 Patterns have always intrigued me. The patterns seem well designed and the tester photos look good. I like that they design for the whole family. It can’t be easy doing that; we are shaped differently after all. As such, it seemed a little daft to not take advantage of the opportunity to make one of their patterns during the Blog Tour in honour of their 1st anniversary.

I have a favourite fleece. It is 10 years old, and made by American Eagle. Its heavy weight, quite simple and I wear it every winter. I haven’t found anything quite the same since, so my goal was to reproduce something similar, which would afford the same flexibility and I could make repeatedly if required.

The old and the new … Mission Accomplished!

I love that I could use the A0 pattern format! The pattern pieces are clearly marked and when cut, fit together well. Having 6 pieces to make a basic fleece was amazing! Backing the front zipper with a piece of knit fabric makes a difference to sensitive skins, though I was a little befuddled about what kind of knit fabric to use – interfacing, lighter weight actual knit fabric etc…  To be honest, while the knit is soft a woven fabric could as easily be used. The instructions are very visual, which is good for me; especially the little zoomed in examples of exactly what is meant. For my fleece I added an extra 1″ to the sleeve length. I also added 1″ to the body of the fleece but cut it on the longest length (3XL). I graded the pattern from a large to an extra large from the waist and hips.

This pattern has options for colour blocking, invisible-zippered pockets, and nursing modifications. The designer has young children, and I have noticed she accommodates stylish active wear with nursing options in several of her designs. I like the children’s colour blocking option too; Hmm … decisions, decisions …

I’ve been sewing for many years and don’t possess Wonder Tape; in fact I had to look it up. I know a lot of modern designers use it in their patterns to baste seams together. I do own 505 Basting spray for quilting, and have a fabric glue stick that I use when securing fiddly zippers to bags. While I feel that the quality of the pattern shouldn’t need to resort to its use, if it gets people sewing confidently that’s all that matters. I also struggled with the collar formation. Despite not liking those instructions, I like the end result, even with my occasional wiggly sewing lines.

In construction I used a size 80/12 Jersey, then Universal needle, but finally settled with a Microtex needle. I like Schmetz needles because they are colour specific. My machine didn’t like using my walking foot either. In the end I used my trusty stretch stitch. You can see an example of that in a previous post from May/June 2015 by clicking here. Despite having a lot of it in my stash I haven’t sewn fleece before. Its wonderful that the seams don’t need finishing.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the outcome. A friend came round today and loves the sweater on me. I’d like to say she was surprised but she smiled and knew I’d made it myself. I have now traced my master copy onto paper and cut the colour blocked pattern out. If I’d been more organized you’d see it here. Let’s just say it will hopefully be in my wardrobe next week! The pattern is currently on sale with 30% off by using  5 out of 4 patterns code “fleeceforall” until January 17th. There is also an affiliate program, where if you click to the pattern site from my link, I’ll benefit with a discount. Way to go!!! Here’s the link to help finance my patterns!

In case you’d like to read what our slough of seamstresses has been sewing up in fleecy pullovers, here is the 5 out of 4 Blog tour schedule:

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