New Year – New Pyjamas!

It’s been way, way too long since I wrote anything of note; but not too long since I thought stuff. Sadly (or not, maybe) those thoughts stay in my head. My goal in 2016 is to blog more frequently, and to that effect here we go. For my first blog of 2016 I’ll keep it short and brief and tell the sewing aficionados about a pattern I tested in December.

Laela Jeyne’s Comfy Cozy Women’s Pajama Pattern

When a designer asks for testers for a pattern entitled Comfy Cozy Pyjamas (or pajamas for my American friends), how could I not apply? I’ve only tested for one designer before so I was a bit unsure what to expect. That said, being slightly taller than normal I thought it might be good to have some PJ’s that actually approximate my feet and wrists. It’s been a cold winter thus far. That said, full length wasn’t to be as I decided I’d use some lovely soft  green check cotton to make them. I only had enough to make a short sleeve set with a pair of shorts. Ah well, summer will be soon, won’t it?

Comfy and cozy with a fire and wine

The pattern is well written, I am a visual learner and fortunately, Marissa, the designer, took that on board to ensure her directions are clear and easy to follow, with lots of photos. I have a pet peeve with PDF patterns – I hate printing off a gazillion pages, trimming them; then cursing when they don’t line up properly. I now tend to buy patterns that I can email to my trusty print shop to print off for me. That said, this pattern is ‘no trim’ and the pages all lined up first go. Definite win!

I like the fact that the top is loose but not baggy and comfortable enough to sleep in. I like to sleep in a short sleeve top and this doesn’t wrap itself round me and attempt to strangle me. Result! I did wonder if I could make it as an over-shirt to wear over a t-shirt in our hot summer days (while fishing), or lengthen it into a tunic.

Pyjama top with pocket and trim.

The shorts have a high and low rise. I used the high rise being slightly taller, which fit nicely. I made the shorts 2” longer than the pattern calls for, though I’ll be making them full length next week when Marissa hosts a PJ Sew-a-Long (SAL).

The little extras like the blouse’s (phone) pocket works well. The contrasting cuffs on the arms and legs is great, though if you alter the width of the cuffs bear in mind you’ll have to alter the ends of your pattern too.

I have a few loose slouchy ‘bottoms’ patterns. I make them up as either lounge pants, sweats or pyjama pants. These ones are much more fitted and as such I feel they’ll be my PJ bottoms from now on. I’ve already chosen some silk and some flannel to make during the SAL. It starts on January 11th and details will be found on the Laela Jeyne Patterns website blog or the Facebook page.

I’d heartily recommend buying these. They’d be snuggly in flannel for those chilly winter nights, or glamorous in satin or silk for Sunday brunch. I like their versatility and some of the testers made them unisex for the men in their lives. Options galore!

The pattern is on sale, which frankly considering the lousy Canadian dollar is reason enough to buy it!  … Comfy Cozy PJs

Enjoy and see you next week

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