May 2015 Mystery Challenge Completed: Countess Markievicz

As a newbie to the Mystery Challenge concept I signed up (late) and was allocated Kelly from Kelly’s Sewing Creations as my partner. I like Kelly, she’s one of many neat creative ladies I have met in FaceBook Land. Partly, I think, due to my Anglo-Irish heritage Kelly chose an historical figure; Countess Constance Markievicz (1868 – 1927). I’m not going to lie. This was a hard topic for me, and in retrospect I should have asked for a different one.

There are many resources on the interweb but briefly…

Known as the Revolutionary Countess, Constance Gore Booth was born in London, England, but spent most of her time at the family home in Lissadell House, Sligo, Ireland. Despite her privileged upbringing (she inspired poetry by Yeats, who was a family friend), she became involved in causes that were passionate to her. These included being an Irish Sinn Fein & Fianna Fail Politician, suffragette, and a revolutionary figure in the Easter Uprising of 1916. From 1908 until her death the Countess was involved in Irish Nationalist Politics, holding various government offices. She founded organisations and was jailed several times for participating in demonstrations. Following the Easter Uprising she was condemned to death. The sentence was commutated to life imprisonment because she was a woman, and she reportedly said ” I do wish you lot had the decency to shoot me”. When she died in 1927 over 25,000 people reportedly lined the streets.

A colourful life and surely lots to choose from for inspiration – NOT! I grew up in 1970-80’s England when the Provisional IRA was prominent in our lives. I’m not sure why but my brain found it hard to separate Nationalist and Terrorist politics. Note – I believe my grandfather was a soldier in the Irish Army.

I finally decided I would make a skirt reflective of her ‘uniform’. Some of her clothes looked as if she had borrowed from a man’s wardrobe, though I am sure they were made for her. In the same fashion I raided my husband’s closet. I’m sparing you the result – it wasn’t pretty! I used the Ellie Inspired Naughty or Nice skirt for inspiration. It seemed appropriate to be honest. I mashed the skirt a little for personal finishing preferences.

Please note these views are my own and I do not intend to offend anyone. Resources include Lissadell House,  (good old) Wikipedia, Ireland Information, and The History Show.

Here is the photo, copied from The History Show website.

And here’s what I ended up with ..

IMG_1401                              2015-06-04 11.27.56 2015-06-04 11.31.46

While I found this particular challenge difficult there are lots of fabulous reads from the other participants. Please check them out!

5/25│ The Berry Bunch – Frank Lloyd Wright │ Sew Not Perfect – Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy
5/26│ Friends Stitched Together – Prohibition/Roaring 20’s │ HaCunha Matata – Jane Austin
5/27│ Zoe and Ted – Suffragetes
5/28│ House of Estrella – Woodstock/Fall of the Berlin Wall  │ Pen Seb Rox – Piet Mondriaan
5/29│ Friends Stitched Together – Impressionist Movement │ Wining Wife – Judgement of Paris
5/30│ Super Stay at Home Mommy – Madame Tussaud │ Keep Calm and Carrion – Jackie Kennedy  │ Gloria June – Florence Nightingale
5/31│ Sofilantjes – Andy Warhol │ Busy Little Bee – Marie Antoinette │ Amanda Rose –March 9, 1959 Barbie
6/1│ Pienkel – Bianca Jagger │ Huisje Boompje Boefjes – Anne Frank
6/2│ Taking it Up a Notch – Queen Victoria │ Amazing Adventures with Bubba and Bug –1964 New York World Fair │  Kelly’s Sewing Creations – Steampunk Mary Queen of Scots
6/3│ Mae & K – Tesla │ Pretty Little Blog – Moon Landing │ Knot Sew Normal – Lutie Eugenia Sterns
6/4│ Sew Starly – Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II │ Hibbadoray – Amelia Earhart │ Sew Far North – Countess Markievicz (1868-1927)
6/5│ Made By Sara – John Dillinger/Roaring 20’s │ Create 3.5 – George Sand
6/6│ Country Bella – 1900’s World’s Fair/Art Nouveau │ Lulu and Celeste – Rosie the Riveter
6/7│Sew Domesticated – 1960’s/Civil Rights Movement │ Rebel and Malice – French Revolution/Joan of Arch │ The Fabric Hoarder – Gypsies



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