Oh Happy Day .. my first post!

I’ve contemplated writing a blog for a long while but felt, it was a bit arrogant. After all, who wants to read what I had to say? I’ve written creatively and technically (as a Registered Nurse) over the years, and had articles published in both streams. I’ve taken both creative and business writing courses. Boy, oh boy, I know which I prefer!

Two comments came from friends a while ago, and they have stayed with me  .

One said after reading a short article I’d written ‘You write how you talk. You really ought to author a book.’

Another after reading a book review, ‘You have a beautiful voice Trisha. You should share it with the world.’

Two things prompted me to start ..

I’ve been invited, in a loose roundabout way, to participate in a design challenge through a Facebook group. The kicker for me was having to blog about what you’re creating. ‘Oh boy!’ I thought. ‘Do I have it in me to do this?’

The other … I’m currently testing a secret pattern for a designer I admire and respect (and that, folks, is the definition of a friend). I aspire to being one of her regular testers and perhaps if I have a blog she’ll keep me on? No pressure, eh!

Mainly my blog will be about my creative loves – sewing, quilting, and food.

As my blog grows I aim to incorporate other categories. I have multiple food allergies and it can be hard to find safe places to eat, and safe food to make. I plan to add the recipes I adapt and resources I find.  I have complex chronic health issues, and find it hard to access accurate information and resources. I’d like to include a reference guide with resources in this category. I’m a great believer that being educated about your own ‘stuff’ empowers and enables us to make informed decisions and choices about our care and in our lives.

Welcome to my blog. If you like it, stick around. If you don’t .. Well, check back sometime and see if I improve enough to impress you

3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day .. my first post!

  1. Way to go, Patricia! I have a strong feeling that you’re going to enjoy this new journey very much! And, I’m going to enjoy reading it, too – I can tell just from your first two posts. Looking forward to more.


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